Bethlehem, the birth place of Christ, holds a strong connection with all the Christians around the world.  This small town has lots to offer for tourists to see and do.  At the heart of the town lies the Church of the Nativity. Inside the church is the Grotto of the nativity marking the spot where Jesus was born.




Bethlehem walkways have been beautifully restored and renovated offering beautiful and enriching walking tours throughout the city. The town offers a choice of cultural centers that hold traditional and cultural events throughout the year. Bethlehem Peace Center located opposite Manger Square Hotel offers Tourist information and regularly hold cultural activities. You can contact the hotel for more information about any events and activities during your visit to Bethlehem.

Bethlehem offers a good selection of dining options to suit all tastes. There are many restaurants and cafes throughout the town. Whether you are seeking traditional Palestinian cuisines or looking for something different its all available in Bethlehem. Driving distance from Bethlehem there are two towns, Beit jala and Beit Sahour which also have lots to offer for tourists. 

Top 10 Must Visit Attractions in Bethlehem

1.Church and Grotto of Nativity

The Church of the Nativity lies in the center of Bethlehem on Manger Square. It is one of the oldest Church in existence today. The first Church was built by the Roman Emperor Constantine back in the fourth century A.D. over the Grotto where Mary gave birth to Jesus.

2.Milk Grotto Church

Located a few minutes walk from the Church of the Nativity, lies the Milk Grotto Church so called because of the white colored rock on the floor that tradition hold turned that color when a drop of Mary’s milk fell on it.

3.Shepherds Field

Located in the town of Beit Sahour couple of kilometers southeast of Bethlehem is Shepherds Field where according to tradition, the Angel appeared to the Shepherds and informed them of Jesus’ birth.

4.Solomons Pools

Located 3 Kilometers  south of Bethlehem near the village of Artas you can visit the Solomon Pools which are the closest perennial springs to Jerusalem at an altitude above that of the city hence it once provided one of the oldest and most reliable water supply to the area

5.Mar Saba

The monastery of Mar Saba is located only 15 kilometers from Bethlehem. Few of the Byzantine desert monasteries can match the serenity and beauty this monastery.

6.St. Theodosius Monastery

The Monastery of St. Theodosius is located about 12 Km east of Bethlehem. Founded by St. Theodosius in the late 5th to early 6th century stands on the site where the three wise men rested on their way back from visiting Jesus7


Located 10km east of Bethlehem are the remains of the magnificent Palace of Herod the Great. Named Herodion after its builder, Herod, the Palace was built in towards the end of the first century BC as a fortified castle with palace in the inside.


Just south of Bethlehem, near the Solomon’s Pool lies the village of Artas which is by far one of the best-known West Bank villages. The name Artas originates from hortus, the Latin for “garden" because it is believed to be the site of hortus conclusus.

9.Beit Jala

North of Bethlehem lies the town of Beit Jala famous for its beautiful skyline of Church steeples and narrow roads. The town of Beit Jala, is the natural expansion to the west of Bethlehem city especially in the fields of tourism, education, and health.

10.Beit Sahour

Located a few Kilometers southeast of Bethlehem, lies the town of Beit Sahour and Shepherds Field where the angle announced to the shepherds the birth of Jesus Christ.

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